Wyspiański MotherhoodThe French parents requested the doctors to stop life support for their premature baby after he suffered from intra-cerebral haemorrhage. The doctors were unable to evaluate medical condition of the boy required to satisfy the regulations on passive euthanasia, and thus decided to keep him on life support until further evaluation. With some certainty they said though that the boy would be severely disabled.

As the boy's mother explained during interview, they didn't want their son to live as a handicapped person.

Today, 20th of September, the Canonisation Process of blessed Jerzy Popiełuszko has began.


François Audelan

France, 2012. After battling atypical Chronic myelogenous leukaemia for eleven years, Mr François Audelan, 56, father to three daughters, was on his deathbed in Albert Chenevier Hospital. Numerous chemotherapies and bone marrow transplant didn't work as expected. In November 2011 sudden deterioration of his condition caused problems with walking and in August 2012 he started loosing consciousness. The doctors told his wife that the cancerous cells had spread throughout her husband's body and that she should prepare for the worst.


Professor Bogdan Chazan, Razem.tvI was inspired to write about Prof. Chazan by an article on Aleteia.org by John Burger.

The case

Few months ago the Irish Times published a text about a Polish doctor, professor Bogdan Chazan, who was fired from the hospital after refusing to allow his patient to have an abortion because of his Catholicism.

According to the article, a woman pregnant with the child diagnosed with lethal deformations, demanded an abortion. Prof Chazan denied the abortion on conflict of conscience basis, didn't inform the patient that it would be illegal to abort the child after 24th week of pregnancy, and ordered some unnecessary tests which caused her to miss the deadline.

In short, the doctor tricked his patient into having a deformed baby with a very short life expectancy.

Or so it appears.

Below is the English translation of the text of Declaration of Faith, a document written by dr Wanda Półtawska, a friend of St John Paul II, on values and principles of Catholic bioetics. The Declaration was signed by 3927 medical professionals and students of Poland (last update on 19th of August 2014).

Dr Wanda Półtawska. Photo Mariusz Kubik 2009

Wanda Półtawska. Photo Mariusz Kubik. CC BY 3.0

Battle of Vienna 1683 (Wikipedia.org)Today is the 331th anniversary of Battle of Vienna, one of those battles which changed the history. 12th of September 1683 Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth army led by king Jan II Sobieski wiped out Ottoman army besiegeing city of Vienna thus ending Ottoman expansion into Europe.

More about the battle here.

Recently Dr Ali Selim of Islamic Cultural Centre called for a change in Irish educational system to accommodate the needs of our diverse society in his book Islam and Education in Ireland.

He complains about 1998 Education Act which allows schools to give preference to students on religious grounds, about “Muslim festivals are neither celebrated or marked in the calendar in Irish schools”, suggests days off for Muslim students, and some sort of celebration of Ramadan by schools, he has objections to Relationships and Sexuality Education programme and its attitude to extramarital sexual relations, he also expresses some objections the PE lessons as not acceptable to Muslim girls by means of clothing and visibility to men including male PE teacher, to music lessons, physical contact between members of opposite sex, and so on. In another words his remarks about education system follow nearly exactly remarks done by his counterparts in another European countries and indeed in most countries belonging to Western Civilisation area.

What is the ideal country when it comes to state's relation to religion?

Many people would answer that state should be secular, i.e. independent of influence of any religion. Other would say that state should be neutral, to guarantee equal rights to people of any religion as well as people of nonreligion. There would be opinions that state and religion should be separated, that one's religion is one's private matter and as such should be kept at home and the place of worship. There would be most probably strong warnings to avoid the religious state, to exclude Christian churches and particularly Catholic Church from public life, and so on.

Taking into account that all people in Judeo-Christian area are free and equal now, living in democracies, and that our societies became so diverse, multicultural and multireligious, all the above seems to make sense, and all the political efforts point to that direction.

The problem with the idea of the secular state is exactly the same as with every human idea ever conceived: they remain nothing but beautiful theories and somehow there is no way to transfer those theories into equally beautiful practice.

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