164px-Horthy the regentAn anecdote about entering the World War II theatre by USA. The conversation between president Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his secretary of state, Cordell Hull, one of many versions, this particular one from the book King of the Mountain: The Nature of Political Leadership By Arnold M. Ludwig:

Hull: “I am sorry to announce, Mr President, that Hungary has declared war on us.”

Roosevelt: “Hungary? What kind of country is it?”

Hull: “It's a kingdom.”

Roosevelt: “Who is the king?”

Hull: “They Have no king.”

Roosevelt: “A kingdom without the king! Who is the head of state?”

Hull: “Admiral Horthy.”

Roosevelt: “Admiral? Now, after Pearl Harbor, we have another navy on our neck!”

Hull: “No, Mr President. Hungary has no navy, not even a seacoast.”

Roosevelt: “Strange. What do they want from us? Territorial claims perhaps?”

Hull: “No, sir. They want territory from Romania.”

Roosevelt: “Did they declare war also on Romania?”

Hull: “No, Mr President. Romania is their ally.”

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