Summer holidays are gone, lets talk about holiday destinations, and particularly about what you can find in the sea. I'm talking about the treasures of huge value one certainly doesn't want to find. Nuclear warheads. Over 50 nuclear warheads have been lost in the world's oceans following aircraft and naval accidents, and about 26 nuclear reactors have been lost or deliberately dumped at sea.
So, anyone have been to Morocco this year? In 1956 an American aircraft went down to the sea somewhere near Morocco along width two cores for nuclear weapons.
Nice recollections from New Jersey? In 1957 an American plane jettisoned two nukes off the coast of New Jersey. The nukes were never found.
Still have a tan from holidays on Pacific? 1962, two consecutive high altitude nuclear tests failed due to rockets' malfunctions. Both nuclear devices were never recovered.

Had this year your first sushi in Japan ever? 1965, one American thermonuclear bomb sank along with the plane carrying it when it rolled over the side of the ship, 80 miles from Okinawa.
Planning to return to south of Spain next year? An American bomber had a mid-air collision with flying tanker during air refuelling. Four life thermonuclear bombs went down. One plunged into sea, one landed with minor damage, and two suffered from high explosives blast. Despite decontamination an elevated level of radiation is still present in vicinity of the village of  Palomares.
Had a good time in Hawaii? A soviet submarine with five nukes in total sunk somewhere there. Don't worry about that one though, because at least a portion of the wreckage was recovered by a special ship during a secret CIA operation.
Preferred to go to Bay of Biscay this year? Another soviet sub sunk there, full of nuclear torpedoes. Only four were found though and remaining twenty are rumoured to be laid down in the Bay of Naples, Italy, for use as mines against US fleet in case of war. The Italian officials claim it's a hoax and say that it would be impossible to find the torpedoes among all the rubbish dumped into the bay on one hand, and on the other hand they say that the seabed there is surveyed every year and it would be impossible to miss them.
Had a dream holiday in Bermuda? In 1986 a soviet sub, after completing a spy mission in Gulf of Mexico, sank about 680 miles from Bermuda along with its two reactors and about 34 nukes in total. The sub was then found by a soviet ship. It appeared that the missile silo hatches were open and missiles gone.
Still recollect fiords of Scandinavia? Another soviet sub with two nukes on board sank of the northern coast of Norway.
Looks like Baltic sea is free of lost nukes as far as I know, although there are plenty of World War II Nazi German munitions with mustard gas dumped there after the war. Fishermen from time to time are hospitalized due to catching the wrong fish there.
There would be probably even more nukes in Atlantic ocean but something happened...
Few historical facts:
13th of May 1917. Beginning of Fatima revelations. As you probably all heard, Our Lady of Fátima gives three children three secrets, of which the third one is to not be reveiled yet.
13th of May 1981. Pope John Paul II was shot and wounded by an assassin, Mehmet Ali Agca on St Peter's Square. When the Pope regained conciousness in Gemelli hospital he demanded the file with the third secret of Fatima to be brought to him.
25th of March 1984. John Paul II decides to do what Sr Lucia, the last of three Fatima children, claims Lady of Fatima wanted to happen, ie. he consecrates the world (and Soviet Union) to Immaculate Heart of Mary.
50 day later (I'm sure everyone remembers biblical pentacost), 13th of May 1984, in Sievieromorsk about 60% of arsenal of Soviet Northern Fleet was distroyed in mysterious and unexplained to this day circumstances. The fire raged for 5 days and destroyed most ground to air missiles and rockets capable of carrying nuclear warheads. There were no signs of nuclear blast and no elevated level of radiation was detected. The incident rendered Soviet Atlantic Fleet unable to compete with any other fleet for the next half a year. Ten months later Michail Gorbaczow became a Secretary General of Communistic Party of Soviet Union and Pierestroyka era began.
Are all three 13th of May dates a coincidence? Maybe, or maybe not.

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